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This shet is cute.

2011-08-10 10:54:29 by nakedxbabe

Just sayin'

This shet is cute.


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2012-01-17 00:05:02

Do you take it up the ass?

nakedxbabe responds:

Nooo!! so gross!


2012-01-17 00:05:23

I mean, you can't be a nice guy if you don't take it up the ass.

nakedxbabe responds:

You mean girl?


2012-01-17 12:40:19

I'd like to know you more, we both have much in common.

nakedxbabe responds:

gosh I'm married. Do you not have courtesy?


2012-01-17 13:36:37

why did u send me those messages then

nakedxbabe responds:

describe the message.
Tell everybody we spoke because i am your beholder I AM YOUR GOD.
pray to me and pray for my resurrection


2012-01-23 08:06:46

i think u need 2 calm down this is getin u and me kno wher

nakedxbabe responds:

I am calm :(


2012-02-03 02:16:21

sherbfjHWBJVNJKHFBjshdbcjjHJhbJHbjHbj HI74Y!"£"£iutrhi£&y(*fijik


2012-02-09 15:58:01

lol, you've got your inbox set to "contacts only", so here's the response to the PM you sent:

All I really did was find a list of companies doing what I wanted to do (in my case it was lab work), phone them up at random and ask if they'd take people on voluntarily. There's no official name for it or anything; just a lot of phone work and internet searching. And dozens of flat refusals, but meh: You only need one to work, just like with getting a real job.

I dunno about "asap", since I was lucky, and it still took a month for them to hire me (and even then it was only temporary until another 3 months after that, when it finally turned permanent). There's no quick fix to not having a job; if there was, everyone would be doing it.

nakedxbabe responds:

Thanks, But I wanna do everyythingg D:


2012-02-09 18:45:24

I would send you a message if your inbox wasn't set to contacts only :P

nakedxbabe responds:



2012-02-15 06:54:32

Did I get deleted from your comments?

nakedxbabe responds:

Yeaaa it was nonsense, i didn't understand it.


2012-03-29 14:14:54

You had best unfuck yourself or I will unscrew your head and shit down your neck!

nakedxbabe responds:

Someone fucked me and already screwed and unscrewed my head


2012-03-30 19:33:00

Hello, friend.

nakedxbabe responds:

Lmao, psh
There's no such thing


2012-04-03 14:44:07

Its been over a month and still nothing cute...

nakedxbabe responds:

yeh im workin on it dont worries :)


2012-04-12 23:27:55

Your not a girl~

nakedxbabe responds:

Herm, guess my dicks so small it turned inside out.
Because last i knew, i had a big hard black dick inside me.


2012-06-02 16:36:07

screamo music

nakedxbabe responds:



2012-07-22 23:33:02

bumble bee tuna

nakedxbabe responds:

shut the fuck up your breath smells like rotten tuna


2012-07-23 04:07:01

Cute clothes on the ugliest girl I have ever seen

nakedxbabe responds:

lmfao as if that means anything coming from a fatass gay nerd like you, i doubt you've seen any girls besides your mom in years faggot. why dont you get out of the basement for once in your life so you can have a valid opinion.

my clothes are cute and so am i, go shove some needles in your eyes, eat shit and piss then choke and die, you're worthless- so not worth my time ;>


2012-07-25 16:27:29

yer purdy

nakedxbabe responds:

yeah no shit. dont you think i know that you dumb cunt?


2012-07-25 16:31:39

Why did you dress up in female clothes?

nakedxbabe responds:

cause it makes meh feel like a *~real woman~* ooooh i love it mmmm. why don't YOU dress up in female clothes? because you're total fatass nerd and you look like shit in any clothes you wear no matter what? ohok, i figured.


2012-07-25 23:29:35

What Skaren said. You better hope mommy and daddy don't see this. They'll take away the only skirt you own.

(Updated ) nakedxbabe responds:

thats not a skirt you fucking idiot, that's part of my body, why the fuck are you being so rude & insensitive about my huge blue vagina lips??? are you going to make fun of my big dumb teddy bear ears next YOU JERK??? I WAS BORN THIS WAY AND I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD i'm going to cry so loudly for so long until i throw up blood and get hella fuckin drool n snot all over myself like a fat stupid baby if you tell my mommy and daddy on me waaahhhhhh ;____;;


2012-07-26 10:42:38

Yeah even if you really have a vagina wich you fucken don't, you have one of the most severe cases of man-face I have ever seen.

No offence.

nakedxbabe responds:

even if you really weren't a virgin, which you fucking are, you have one of the most severe cases of babydick i've ever seen.

kill yourself.


2012-07-28 04:41:10

An actual female would most likely get all offended by all these comments. Even if you have a vagina, you're a legit dude.

nakedxbabe responds:

LMFAO are you fucking serious!?! i thought you were a girl too? and you seriously just said something that stupidly sexist??? "a REAL girl would cry like a dumb little bitch & not stick up for herself when a bunch of faggots over the internet try to make fun of her, therefore you're not a real girl!!!" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA holy hell wowwwwww, that is truly hilarious. don't project your own lack of self-esteem on me you pathetic shitfuck. unlike 99% of the gay nerds on this site i have the balls to post actual pix of myself (and unfortunately for all you guys that want to get buttfucked by me, those are the only "balls" i have). if i was as fat and ugly and flatchested as you, i wouldnt post pix either, but im not, im thin and pretty and my big tits are perfect just like me. all you losers are just jealous. why would i actually give one single shit about what you retards say in your comments and get my feelings hurt? only one special man's opinion matters to me and everyone else can eat a dick ;>


2012-07-31 03:39:05

Your posts are gold XD

nakedxbabe responds:

*~gold! GOLD! always believe in your soul! you've got the power to know! you're indestructible! always beliiiieeeeve in, you are gold! GOLD! glad that you're bound to return, there's something i coulda learned, you're in destructible, always belieeeeve~*


2012-07-31 10:36:02

Yeah I love how you claim not to give a shit and then post a whole essay per insult.
Also flatchest Isen't much of an insult against guys and flatchest combined with fat seem to contradict itself.

PS: Respond soon because you are hillarious.

PPS: If this diden't get your panties tangled, your tits aren't that big from what I can see wich further adds to the evidence that you don't have a vagina.

With much love, Slugathor

nakedxbabe responds:

well, flatchested + fat is a terrible combo for a girl. like at least fat bitches with giant titties have the giant tits as an excuse not to lose weight, flatchested fatties just straight up have nothing going for them & they might as well kill themselves imo.

also, silly boy; i don't think you've seen enough boobies to be able to make a judgement like that, believe whatever you want though~


2012-08-04 21:37:55

Alright bitch, you tried calling me a fatass nerd. All while you're responding to every single comment as though you live inside the cave of your room, stroking your dick while you look at everyone calling you out for being fat and ugly.

What is that shit on your chin? You have a more robust manly jawline than I do. And the sides of your sweater stick out far to show how fucking fat you are, there's no way to cover that. On top of all this you thought for some reason to wear a short skirt with fat gigantic thighs. Even your feet are chunky as fuck. Nice job with the unwashed tangly hair too bitch, when's the last time you took a shower?

I stand by my comment. Cute clothes, ugly girl.

nakedxbabe responds:

lmfao i see i struck a nerve, you mad? stay mad, you fatass gay nerd. i bet you want me to have a dick so i could tittyfuck your fatass gay nerd bitch tits all night lmao.

i don't give a shit what some stupid faggot like you thinks because you must have such a laughably small dick since youre actually trying to make fun of one of the only girls on this pathetic website for putting a picture of herself up when you don't even have one of you up because you know you're a fucking hideous, morbidly obese, disgraceful excuse of a human being. oh wow, cool criticisms bro. i think my chin had a small zit or something that day, idgaf because i'm not in fuckin middle school & everyone gets them. my jawline is from my european genetics, big whoop, can't change it and don't want to because it makes me look unique, you're just jealous because all of your fat chins cover up your jawline and make you look like a bitch. my teddy jacket is clearly loose-fitting you retard, and i'm wearing stuff underneath. and my thighs aren't fat, if anything they're too skinny, get your eyes checked. there's literally nothing wrong with my feet or hair, you're just grasping at straws like a fag that sucks at talking shit. what are you going to do next, insult my grammar/punctuation? pathetic. you can't hurt my feelings because i don't care about your opinion. it's obvious you would never even have the balls to approach a girl as hot as me in real life because you're an awkward autistic cunt, i almost pity you. honestly, don't bother responding with more bullshit, just go kill yourself, LOSER.

i stand by my comment. eat shit and piss then choke and die.


2012-08-04 22:17:44


nakedxbabe responds:

It's Alison Queenie.


2012-08-05 15:27:11

Lay off the crack and you'd be hot

nakedxbabe responds:



2012-08-05 18:00:46

How do I get to be hot and perfect like you so I can put pictures of myself on random sites? Can I lipo all of my fat and shove it into my tits?

(Updated ) nakedxbabe responds:

yes, the less fat on your body & the bigger the boobies the better, duh :p

but seriously, i'm sure if you just took care of yourself for once, you'd have more confidence in your appearance... i mean, you've at least HEARD of diet and exercise before... haven't you? *licks the blood off my cat claws*


2012-08-08 03:48:58

Get out of that get-up, Neil Patrick Harris.

nakedxbabe responds:

lmfao! i'll take that as a compliment xD
finally one of you faggots says something funny!


2012-08-08 19:28:01

You're not naked. I am disappoint.
You should get naked and post pictures so we can judge your worth better.

nakedxbabe responds:

im naked like naked juice; 100% babe w/ no artificial flavors, added sugar, or preservatives~


2012-08-09 00:51:11


(Updated ) nakedxbabe responds:

BACK. IN. 79, i did the john belushi. in 1992 i did the chris farley, in 2008 i did the cloverfield monster i said "fuck that shit" & went back to the belushi! cats cats! cats cats cats! back in the day its like cats cats cats! i know what it takes to make things worse & i know what it takes to put a nigger in a hearse I'M ON CRACK


2012-09-03 01:32:57

Oh, that makes perfect sense.


2012-10-07 16:37:48

You're actually very pretty.
You just have a lousy personality from what I can tell with your replies.


2012-11-27 21:17:22

Chluaid came back from his heart surgery, I think he posted a wise reply to your comment on his page.


2012-12-24 00:47:58



2013-05-06 02:11:52

Hey, I'm not the only female user on NG!


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